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When Amending Stock Items - There is a delay before the stock item appears This issue could also manifest itself when clicking on a stock item line in the stock list. The reason for this is that the workstation base image folder is pointing to the wrong place. This often happens after the main server has been replaced and the server details such as name and/or IP address have changed.
Delay When Entering/Printing Sales Amongst the many users who have upgraded their server and till hardware this year, one of them found that whenever they tried to print a sale there was a delay before the "Print Sale" window appeared. This was mainly noticeable when progressing between the payment posting screen and the sale print screen when entering a new sale. The delay was caused by the fact the program was trying to fetch the Company Logo which appears on the sale print from the old server which has since been removed. From the main menu select Special>Parameters>Logo Print Parms>Sale Print.

You may find a delay before the screen appears - which confirms the issue.
Now ensure the "Location of Logo File" corresponds to the correct folder on the new server/network.
Truncated Supplier Reference on Stock Checking reports. Had a call earlier today from a customer who was experiencing an "issue" with a report. On this occasion the "issue" concerned the "Stock Check" report but the method below can be applied to any of the "older" style reports - Those which their results appear in a grid in the reporting screen. The problem was that the report did not correctly show the full Supplier Reference when the reference is over around 12 characters. Originally the report was designed to be printed on A4 paper in "Portrait" mode and depending upon the default parameters set for the printer, the Supplier Reference codes and, in fact, any field on the report, could end up being truncated. The solution is to convert the report into "HTML" which is then passed to Microsoft "Internet Explorer", which itself calculates the suitable column widths for the contents of each column.


Once the report has appeared on screen in the grid., click on "File>HTML". The report will then be converted to a internet browser compatible format and an embedded version of Internet Explorer will be opened.
If you then need to print the report in this new format, place your mouse cursor anywhere in the body of the report and click on the right hand mose button. Select "Print" from the floating menu bar.

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Identify Customers with a balance Do you want to see which customers are in debit or have a credit balance?
A report exists showing/listing all customers who have an outstanding balance - both credits and debits
Open the "Reporting" Module.
Click on "Clients>List of Clients with a Balance
Export Sales/Product Activity for a selected customer Here is a way to generate a Sales/Product History "Statement" for a slected customer.
From the main menu click on the "Sales Accounts" button
Locate and select the customer you are interested in.
Click on the "Details" button.
The "Sale Account Maintenance" screen will open.
Click on "Reports".
Select the appropriate report - "Sales History", "Product History".
The report will be generated.
You can then export the details out to an external file by clicking on File>Export
Are you sending customers e-Receipts? Here is an article in the Australian "Jeweller" magazine about e-receipts, the ability to send sale dockets via e-mail, and the subsequent benefits of doing so. Click on *** Note *** This will open in a new Tab.

This function has been available in EasyStock for some time as well as the ability to e-mail many other documents including repair dockets, "repair is ready" notices and all reports.

Not only does sending your customers a copy of the sale via e-mail save you time and money, it provides the ability to use the captured e-mails address for promotional purposes.

Why not contact us to find out how sending e-mail copies of many of the documents in EasyStock could help your business?

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