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      EasyStock Version 2.3

How do I add and Amend Users?

  Want to add a new user to your database, maybe someone has left. See here how to add or delete a user.
      EasyStock Version 3
      Recently Added Manuals
  New HTML Manuals   List of New of On Line Manuals and Addendum
  MarchGuard   Manual covering the MarchGuard module
  D3 EasyStock Integration   Details how orders are uploaded from an existing D3(Pick) Sales Order Processing. system
  Order Packet Labels   Covers how to generate packet labels from Sage and D3 orders imported into EasyStock
  Location Pricing   Cover new additions for the GST Jersey and multiple location price administation.
  Repair Tracking Statements   Generate HTML statements of outstanding tasks by worker, ready to e-mail or send to your workshop as a reminder as to what is due to be returned

Changes to margin Scheme reporting requirements

  Details of new requirements to the printing of sale dockets for Margin Scheme Items

Standalone Customer Labels Printing Module

  Details of a new module to generate mail out labels based upon sales made during a selected period. Great for targeted mail shots or certificate mailing

Connecting your Label Printer to USB Port

  Details of the method required when setting up your Eltron/Zebra Printer via a free USB port

Customer Marketing Filters

  How to set up a number of additional filter parameters to enable better grouping of clients for marketing purposes

Sales View Date Range

  How to limit the amount of data presented to you when viewing the Sales View Screen for the first time.

Customer Maintenance - Required Fields

  This manual runs through the way to prevent customer/client records being saved to file with incomplete or missing data.

Purchase ordering and stock receive

  Purchase ordering and stock receive
   System Maintenance Manual   Frequently updated manual detailing a number of processes which go towards keeping your EasyStock database all nice, fast and efficient. Keep reading and downloading this manual.
   Supplier Stock Reference Update   Do you have incorrect or out of date Supplier References which need to be changed and/or removed? This manual will guide you through the process of update supplier references.
   Trading Summary Transaction details   A small amendment to the EasyStock trading summary and end-of day report to show the transaction count and average transaction value.
  Sales Print Show Full Name   A change to EasyStock to show the full Sales person name on your sales prints
      Other New manuals
  Where are my exported files?   How do I locate where EasyStock writes files which are Exported from my database?
  Attaching Images   How do I attach images to my Stock records?
  How do I create and print freestyle labels?   How do I use EasyStock to print 1 off labels and labels for non-stock items?
      Updated/Amended manuals and documents
      Stock Manuals
  Stock Take   Manual covering the process of performing a stock take
  Adjusting Sundry Stock   How to increase or decrease in stock quantities for Sundry (Repeating) stock items.
  Using the Scan Pal 2   Manual covering the process of scanning and importing of data from the Metrologic ScanPal 2 remote bar code scanner
  Working with "Non-Stock" items   Do you need to make sales for items which are not kept in stock such as 'Ear-Piercing' or Watch battery replacements? See this manual covering how to enter an item which never runs out!
  How to administer a "Sale"   So you want to sell off some of your slow moving stock? You have a end-of-season Sale? Download this manual to see how to go about it.
      Sales Process Manuals
  Special Order Cancel   Customer decided that they do not require a item entered as a special order. How do I cancel the order from the database?
  Printing Gift Receipts   Is your customer purchasing an item to be used as a gift? Customer requires a receipt with price details removed.
      After Sales Process manuals
  Reconciling Customer Accounts   Need to reconcile credits against sales? This manual well tell you how.
  Reprinting Sales Documents   Need a copy of a sale docket? See here for instructions.
      Other manuals
      Special Functions
  Supplier code update/change   What happens if my supplier changes his name or is bought out by another supplier?
  Preparing data for a mail shot   I need to inform my customers of an impending sale!. How do I build a file of all my customers ready to merge into a mail shot
      Getting Started
  Getting Started   Download a copy of our "Getting Started" manual.
  EasyStock Licence Terms   Review the Licence Terms for your EasyStock and other IJS software.
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