GDPR and Easystock 2018

Update 18th May 2018 - GDPR Checklists

A number of GDPR experts are offering to provide GDPR compliance check lists.
The ICO - The people who were set up to watch over GDPR in the UK and are supposed to be authority on all things GDPR have their own set of checklists to be found here: ICO Data Protection Assessment. (Opens a new page)

A decent place to start?

Update 14th May 2018 - New Programs - Download, Changes to EasyStock and Reporting, Manuals

A new page has been set up for this and is only accessable using a username and password.

Click here to go to the new GDPR download page

Please email IJS at the GDRP specific support address - and we will send the details you need

Update 17th April 2018 - Data Statement

*** Please be aware that this document primarily concerns applications authored/supported by IJS Ltd. You may need to seek additional advice regarding any other applications you employ such as Payroll, Accounts, Payment processing, etc. ***

As EasyStock is able to store details of your customers and the history of various transactions such as sales, repairs, calls, etc, you must also be aware of the administration of the database with regard to the details held and your ability to conform to the GDPR requirements.

As you will see (5th April 2018) by the ICO website, the proposals are still quite fluid. Therefore they can change as time goes by. You may need to keep checking the ICO web site to find out what, if any, changes have been made during the life of the proposal. The main issue is that a number of the requirements are subject to "testing" in a court of law. It may be found that some of the requirements may not be applicable or have to be altered once they have been subject to valid argument(s) in the courts. Some may need to be strengthened!
One issue we can see here is that a client/customer can request that their details are to be deleted/removed ("the right to be forgotten"), but there is also a requirement to keep financial details (Customer purchase history?) in the event of a request by HMRC to access. (Money laundering/Fraud?)

IJS Ltd have had a number of conversations with our current user base with regard to their concerns with GDPR and the EasyStock database.
From what we can glean, a majority of the requirements can already be observed within the application and the database. Items such as "The right to be forgotten", "Anonomising of data" can already be achieved.

What cannot be currently be acheived via the user application (although, with some knowledge, can be carried out using some other tools such as Microsoft Excel and MS-Access) is the ability to export/print the data held for a selected customer - Currently a new standalone application is in development which will provide the ability for our users to print/export all the data you currently hold for your clients. It provides the ability for each user to define what data is to be exported including the ability to hold certain fields back. A list of transactions such as sales, repairs, call logs can also be provided.
IJS Ltd are also going to assume that the utility may need "tweaking" as new requirements are specified by as certain elements are "tested".

Data statement

We have prepared a page detailing the data tables and data fields concerned with customers and those fields/columns which a user has full access to and those which are generated/updated automatically by the application.

Please visit the data statement page by clicking here

Please continue to revisit this page as the GDPR deadline approaches. This page will be updated as the new utility is developed and amended according to user feedback. Any amendments to this page will be dated and highlighted.
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