Professional Jeweller - "Big Data"

There is an interesting piece in Professional Jeweller (April Edition) on how you could use the data in 'a' computer system to provide you with answers to some of the questions you may have which could help in the day to day running of a retailers business.

Some of the examples include the ability to identify which items contribute the most to your turnover and those which are the most profitable.
The piece itself mentions only Pursuit and Bransom which tends to suggest that these are the only systems on the market which have the data and functionality to provide these answers. This is a bit of a shame as we (may) all know that there are a number of systems out there which have been able to provide this type of information for some time.

Because of the way EasyStock was originally designed using a centralised, efficient database, we are able to store historical data of stock purchased and sales made from the point you installed your system. This provides the ability to analyse data to the point of being able to answer such questions as "When is the best time of the day to sell watches?" - OK, this may not be a question every one will need an answer for, but the point is, if you wanted to know this, EasyStock could provide the answer.

Built into EasyStock is a number of reports which provide answers to elements such as...

As the system includes extensive filtering, you are able to report on a supplier, a range or even a specific product.

A good place to start is in the ESReporting module. Click on the "Reporting" drop down and select "Management Views". In the "Views" drop down are a number of reports which start to show what can be done in EasyStock. Another important part of EasyStock is the ability to "Export" most if not all reports to external data files. This provides the ability for even more analysis and presentation options. Using MS Excel and a number of other spread sheet packages you are able to use the data to generate bar graphs, pie diagrams and line charts of the results.

As the reports can be saved externally it is easy to send the reports on to those people who need to see them via e-mail without the need to print.

Another point bought up the the Professional Jewellery piece was the idea of centralising the data from individual independent businesses. The CMJ and NAG are proposing the concept of "crunching" the data integrated, returning reports which could show answers such as which products are "trending", which areas of the country are selling certain products which are not popular elsewhere. I am currently in conversation with these organisations as to the format they require and those members of the CMJ and NAG who want to be part of this do have the option to be included.

One negative point I felt came across from the piece was the inferrence that the data required to create the answers to some of these questions was either buried deep in users systems or required specialist add ons (Pursuit Analytics) had to be employed to provide the answers. Can I please assure all users that this is not the case with EasyStock. The data is readily available, in most cases the reports already exist and if they do not, I am confident we can provide a report or view which will give you what you need.

As ever, please do not hesitate to contact myself and I will endeavour to show you what we have already and what we are still working on.

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